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If you want to learn more about how to get the most out of your broken down car, check out our list of the most common questions in FAQ we’ve compiled.

Here at Manara car Removals, we’ve designed the process to be quick, easy, and effortless. If you want to sell your car for a great price, our Sydney car pick-up service works like this:

• Send us your vehicle data
• Immediate Proposal
• If you accept our offer, we can arrange your free car deduction immediately.
• Pay on the spot when you arrive to pick up your car

Our team of experts thoroughly evaluates each vehicle to ensure we always offer fair cash offers. We will assess your vehicle based on various factors such as brand, mileage, defects, and repair costs.
We pay up to $7,999 for junk cars in Sydney, ensuring you get the best deal based on your vehicle’s condition and specifications. If you tell us about your car over the phone, we will make a proposal.

Our car pickup is free throughout Sydney. So he doesn’t have to spend a single dollar during the sale. Instead, we will pay for the unwanted car. 4. What kind of car do you want to buy?
We accept all vehicles regardless of age, make, model, or condition. Whether it’s an old, unwanted, junk, scrap, or wrecked car, we’ll send you a quote in no time in exchange for your vehicle. If your car door or window is broken or you can’t drive, don’t worry. In any case, we will buy at a fair and competitive price. Likewise, you don’t have to spend time or money on pre-sale repairs. Instead, we’ll pick up your vehicle, saving you the time and hassle of towing it to the nearest junkyard or landfill.

You may not be able to sell your vehicle through a conventional sale, but we are different from your other buyers. We will gladly buy your car, even if it doesn’t move or run. No need for costly repairs or towing to another garage. Get instant quotes, schedule pickups, and pay you on the spot. 

Not at all! We will collect your car, so there is no need to transport it. Once you have accepted our offer and arranged a pickup, our team will bring a truck to tow your vehicle. We will take care of your heavy luggage so you don’t have to spend extra time unloading your car.

We maintain environmental awareness in our practices, so we don’t just dump our end-of-life vehicles in landfills. Instead, we carefully disassemble and inspect each component to see what can be salvaged. These parts are then recycled, reused and refurbished so that they are put to good use rather than increasing their environmental impact.

Manara car Removals is one of Sydney’s most trusted car removal service partners. From the beginning, we have been committed to keeping our customers happy by providing efficient service and the best cash deals in the industry.The main reasons why we sell unused vehicles to us are:

Best price
When it comes to pricing, we promise to always offer a fair price that reflects the quality and condition of your vehicle. We know a car is a big investment. With rates up to $7,999, you’ll have Sydney’s most competitive rates.

To determine the best time to sell your car, you should consider several factors, including:

Year. If you have a relatively old car that is over 10 years old, we recommend that you consider selling it. The quality of your car degrades over time and it may not work like it used to. If your vehicle is stuck, it may just be excess baggage.

damage. Another factor to consider is damage. It’s time to sell your car when parts like tires, engine and transmission are missing or broken. Purchasing or replacing missing parts will cost you money. worth. Cars lose value over time. Selling your car to make money is clearly a better option than keeping it in your garage to collect dust.

Your car may be scratched or certain parts may not be working properly. If you encounter any of these easy-to-fix problems, you may want to consider repairing your car instead of selling it. But if you find that the damage to your car is too great to afford to send in for repairs, it’s time to sell it to a potential buyer.


Usually the right time to sell your car is when you experience problems such as:

It continues to break after the initial repair.

The car has engine problems.

Vehicle does not start immediately. The car has great mileage.

If you are aware of these issues and are interested in selling your broken down car, Manara car Removal can help. We buy all kinds of wrecked cars and offer you the best price for your car. Please feel free to call us.

How much is a broken car worth? The value of a wrecked car depends on the extent of damage and the year, make and model of the vehicle. Manara car Removal lets you pay up to $7999 for your wrecked car.

To find the best movers in Sydney, you need to check their licenses, read their customer reviews and rate their products.

Best Cash for Trucks in Sydney

Trucks are taking up too much valuable space on your property. Some of your trucks may still be in top used condition, while others may not be in the same condition.Even if you are upgrading your old trucks to new trucks, you still want to get rid of them. No matter what, Manara car Removals can help you solve the problem.

Choose Manara car Removals and Profit in Just 1-2-3

STEP 1: Get a Quote

If you’re interested in selling your truck for cash, please contact us on 0434 554 108 to speak with our staff or complete our online form. We only need a few details about your vehicle. B. Owner’s name, contact details, make and model.

If we need to know anything about your truck (mileage, damage, missing parts, etc.) please be sure to let us know so we can give you the best possible offer.

Step 2:
get tested
If you need to see the truck yourself to assess its condition, we can proceed with the inspection. Our trained staff will visit the site and inspect your vehicle quickly. Once you have everything you need, we can offer you the best deals.

Step 3:
get money
Finally, agree on a date and time for the truck to be picked up. But for a hassle-free transaction, you have nothing to worry about as we offer a free towing service to remove your truck from your property.Once your truck arrives at our company, we pay you on the spot. To do.

The entire process is so efficient and hassle-free that we can offer same-day trading with funds received within an hour.

We are a team of passionate car demo professionals who have knowledge and experience in the field of cars and vehicle removal.We strive to be the most reliable cash for broken-down car buyers. , has been in the industry for many years. That’s why we strive to offer only the best deals and provide the most convenient service to potential sellers.We cater to a wide variety of junk vehicle needs, including trucks, passenger cars, vans, SUVs, and 4x4s. and deliver at the best price.

Besides earning money on replacement, you can enjoy other benefits by selling your damaged car to us. These include:

We’ll pick up your damaged car from your property so we can make room for your new one.
We recycle wrecked cars to reduce our carbon footprint.
We will restore your damaged car.
We offer a same-day car pick-up service.
You get all this and more when you work with us at Manara car Removals. Our process is as simple as possible

step 1:
call me
Before you start trading, first you need to know the make, model and condition of your wrecked car. Call us on 0434 554 108 or complete the form online. Only then can we talk about sales.

Step 2:
receive an offer
Based on the information you provide, we will assess the quality of your vehicle and its parts so that we can offer you the best possible price. If you are happy with the offer, accept our price and proceed with the sale. Step 3:
free removal
We will arrange the pick-up date, place, and date of the damaged car. Please be assured that our junk car service does not cost anything. We offer free car pickup anywhere in Sydney so you can relax and unwind as we bring all the services you need to your doorstep.

Step 4:
make money fast
After picking up the car, we will give you cash on the same day. It’s as easy as that!